• YNFA™ NEWS FLASH • Jimmy Liddel is off to The Emirates on Saturday, make sure you keep checking for all the videos from him about Arsenal v Liverpool this weekend • YNFA™ NEWS FLASH • The Podcast Section is now live on the App, just click on the Podcast button on the home screen to listen. More will be added every week, previewing all the weekends games and then listen to the results show too. Lots of YNFA Podcasts coming your way • YNFA™ NEWS FLASH • New Stadium Tours with Jimmy will be uploaded to the APP within the week. Including a trip to the future home of Everton, Bramley Moore Dock • YNFA™ NEWS FLASH • Hightlights of Jimmy Liddel Commentary from The Manchester Derby, Leicester 3-1 Man Utd, Liverpool 0-1 Fulham, Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea and Everton 0-2 Man City are all on the Liddel Home section • YNFA™ NEWS FLASH • Don’t forget to claim your FREE GIFT from YNFA, go to the “free gift” tab to get yours now • YNFA™ NEWS FLASH • Anyone typing on any YNFA social media platform how much they love this App will receive discounts on all Shops on the YNFA App • YNFA™ NEWS FLASH • Latex Lenny takes TikTok by storm, be sure to check him out on the YNFA App under the Latex Lenny section • YNFA™ NEWS FLASH • New Missy Ellis videos added this week, be sure to check out YNFA’s very own Football Girl, simply visit Missy Live to watch ! • YNFA™ NEWS FLASH • Brand New games added to games hub this week. Enjoy the new Sports games we have installed for you • YNFA™ NEWS FLASH • New Missy Ellis Gallery added this week, be sure to check out YNFA’s very own Football Girl, simply visit Missy’s page to view !

Keep checking back. Latex Lenny has plenty of videos he wants to share with you


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